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Hellenic Arms Co. S.A. is a privately owned Company, established on 1987 as a specialized company in the field of weapons and defence related products and since then continues its successful activity regarding the import and distribution of firearms, ammunition and personal defence equipment in the Hellenic Market.By providing high quality services, H.A.C. Co. S.A. does not only offer modern equipment but also quest innovative and quality products that will maintain its reputation in the market.The extensive range of products and services ensures a wide spectrum of customers, which expands from Official customers and Government Agencies up to sportsmen and shooters.Being in the market since 1987 and NATO SECRET certified (M/55 – FINAL), H.A.C. Co. S.A. is one of the key supplier of the Hellenic Armed Forces, in personal equipment. Visit our EShop here or click on the cart icon.

The bigest manufacturer of tactical equipment
5.11 Tactical™

From early in 2003 our company was one of the five first in whole Europe that brought the feature of tactical equipment also in Greece. Browse the 2016 catalog and discover all the new products or visit 5.11 Tactical's home page and see even more products (some available only in US)

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Revolution in handguns!
Glock's presence in Greece since 1987

Late in 1987 but mostly from early in 1988 our company not only supplies the civilian market but is the only Certified for supplying the Special Military Armed Forces. Our long experience and expertise in Glock pistols makes us the first choice of any customer, professional or not. See how a Glock pistol works

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The only 100% Hellenic SelfDefense System! Certified and adopted by European Paratroopers Association!

The D.R.C.S. © (Directive Reactive Controlling System) is a close combat system based on direct response and subsequent control of the opponent.What defines education in D.R.C.S. ©, is exactly what its initials state. Immediacy - Reaction - Control. Learn more about D.R.C.S

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Real Discounts
Up to 50%

Find any product with the OT (Orange Tag) and get a real 50% off of the retail price! Browse products , or download our 2015 sales catalog which is regularly updated.

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